March 14, 2016


Options and reservations

When the villa is available?

For information about when the villa is available, you can check pricing and availability. Choose the property and look at the calendar to see if the property is available.


When I book a property through the site, will the booking reach you?

When you book through this website, we receive your reservation request. Within a few days you will receive a confirmation. When we receive your first payment the reservation will be final.


I have booked a property through your site. However, I forgot to make the first payment. Is my reservation now canceled?

If you forget the first payment, we will send you a reminder. We will never cancel the reservation without first having sent a reminder. If you do not respond to our reminder, we can proceed to cancellation. In that case, you will receive a confirmation.


I’m thinking of renting your property. Can I take an option?

It is possible to take an option on the property. For details or prices and availability please see the calendar if the accommodation is still available + the cost of these. By choosing the time and filling in your data, you can take an option. You should always make a note in the “remarks box” that it is an option. You will receive a response by email from us, whether your option period is approved by us.


How is the payment of the accommodation arranged?

When you book one of our accommodations, you will receive a confirmation by email. 25% of the total price, including deposit, will be payed within 14 days after the booking. The remaining 75% will be played six weeks before arrival.

Arrival and departure

How do I get hold of the keys to the property?

Because we live in the Netherlands, we have a key caretaker in Spain. She is the person who arranges the check ins and outs with guests. She is also the person who takes care of cleaning. If you encounter any problesm during your stay, she can be contacted to solve the problem.

At the time the final payment is received by us, you will receive the mobile phone number of our key caretaker. When you drive away from the airport, please contact the key caretaker, so you can agree on a time and place to receive the keys.


When can I enter my property and when do I have to be out?

Normally the property is accessible from 15.00 hours. On the day of departure you should leave the property before 11:00. In the intervening time the property will be cleaned. When here is no other booking on the same day, we can be flexible with these times. When upon arrival you contact the key holder, it might be possible to get into the house earlier.


Why is it important that I pass on my flight details?

If you pass your flight details to us before arriving, the keyholder knows when you will be arriving and can plan the appointment for the keys accordingly.

Linen package

Is a linen package included in the rent?

No, the linen is not included in the price. When you indicate that you want to rent from us, you need to report how many people will come. A linen package will be charged per person. The costs of this is € 12.50 per person.


What is included in the linen pack?

The linen package consists of two towels, a bath towel, and bedding. A tea towel and bath mat are provided in the apartment.


Is it possible to get more towels per person linen package?

There is a washing machine in Villa Casa Morena and in apartment Moraira Centre. When used towels are dirty, they can be washed. When despitethis more towels are desired, this can be indicated by the key caretaker. They can provide extra towels. Their use will be charged to you.

Inventories and usage

Is the washing machine free to use?

Our washing machine is free to use. However, detergent have to be purchased by the tenant. When detergent is present or left by the previous tenants, it may be used. However, it is also required that you supplement the stock at the end of your stay.


Is there detergent and dishwashing liquid present?

We try to ensure that there is always a small amount of dishwashing liquid and detergent available in the accommodation. We also ensure that toilet paper is available. You must maintain the stock yourself.


Can I also receive Dutch television?

Our accommodations are equipped with satellite television. This means that you will have Spanish, German and Dutch tv, by CANAL Plus.


Is the temperature on the balcony too hot in summer?

On the balcony it can be, thanks to its location on the south, quite warm. We advise you to always wear slippers on the balcony. For shelter, there is a parasol. In addition, there is almost always a little breeze, so the temperature generally will only be experienced as pleasant.


What about the temperatures in Moraira?

Moraira is known for its subtropical climate. This means that Moraira has  an annual amount of 320 sunny days per year.


If I want to cancel my booking, what will be the consequences?

After payment of the first installment your booking has become final. If you still want to cancel, the following applies.

  • Cancellation up to 6 weeks before the rental period (= before payment of the second installment). You will not receive your deposit back. This means that the cancellation will cost 25% of the total.
  • Cancellation between 4 and 6 weeks before the rental period (= after payment of the second term). You will receive 75% back of the second payment. This means that the 25% + 25% of the first installment of the second period is lost on cancellation.
  • Later cancellation. You will receive only the deposit, cleaning fee and the cost of the linen package in return.

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